Featured Author: Mary Kay Sellek

Mary Kay has used Cover&Layout to produce the interior layout for her first book The Body Whisperer.

Mary Kay Sellek  @MKSellek

Mary Kay Sellek

A Business Intelligence and Analytics program manager by day and avid wellness seeker by night, Mary Kay Sellek likes to comb the research journals and smart-creatives’ blogosphere for buried treasure about health and the human body.  Her hobby not only helped find answers to her own health issues 5 years ago, it led her to discover a need for comprehensive strength education programs tailored specifically for the 40 and older crowd.  Following her methods, she transformed her body from 165 pounds, 29% body fat to 141 pounds, 14% body fat), and at the age of 52, she achieved several new strength personal records.

Mary Kay holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and enjoys writing and teaching other adults how to develop their own best body potential.  You can find Mary Kay on Twitter (@MKSellek).

The Body Whisperer is available in paperback and Kindle.