The Body Whisperer

The Body Whisperer

Mary Kay Sellek


Mary Kay Sellek's story is a familiar one. She was a high school athlete, but sometime during her adult life she started to decline physically. She felt like her body was falling into a downward spiral and feared it would end badly. Experts told her what to eat and how to exercise, but no matter what she did, her body seemed to break down more. That’s when she set out to find new ways to improve her health. Eventually, she recognized the subtle ways her body was telling her what it needed. The smarter and more diligent she became about responding to her body’s cues, the better the results…the bigger the transformation. Now in her 50s, she is in the best health and shape of her life!

Family and friends who hadn’t seen her in a while immediately noticed a difference. They wanted to know what she was doing. That’s when she formalized her method, called Integrative Body Conditioning. It has three focus areas: irritant elimination, nutrient replacement and weightlifting and conditioning…with an emphasis on finding what works for you.

This book is presented in four sections, each focusing on one aspect of Integrative Body Conditioning.

•The first section (Irritant Elimination) addresses the primary reasons the body weakens and gets sick. Consisting of four chapters, it covers the environmental, biological, physical and psychological factors that cause inflammation in the body and explains how, if left untreated, they can sabotage your health and fitness efforts.

•The second section (Nutrient Replacement) is also made up of four chapters. It describes the importance of figuring out which foods rejuvenate and rebuild your body and creating a meal plan that ensures you’re getting enough of the “good stuff” every day.

•The third section (Weightlifting and Conditioning) covers the importance of continually leveling up and individualizing your strength training plan. The key is targeting exercises that build and maintain whole body muscle strength in the shortest amount of time.

•The fourth and final section (Becoming a Body Whisperer) describes how to take the concepts learned from the first three sections to achieve your best body potential. It includes a brief explanation on how Mary Kay practices the method on a daily basis, as well as the single most important habit you need to embrace to build and maintain a strong body for life.

Also included is homework at the end of each section to help readers make the most of the material. Don’t skip the homework. If you really want to “get it,” you’re going to need to witness and experience everything that’s happening in your body. Hence, Mary Kay strongly recommends you start a health journal. Not only will it help you keep track of the homework, it will help illuminate the subtle ways your body reacts to different food, exercise and lifestyle choices, as well as the cues its providing to help re-balance it.

In short, by following these principles, you'll not just learn how your body works, you'll have the keys to maintain a healthy, strong body for life!

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The Body Whisperer is available in paperback and Kindle, as well as on other ebook platforms.


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