The Money Economy: Money Life

The Money Economy: Money Life

Jamila Muradasilova

We want money!

We want not only money, we want more and more money! We defined this simple formula from the first book, The Money Economy. It is time now to look deeper to this issue and see how money cycle is going hand in hand with our life cycle. Money is not just tool to exchange our desire to goods and services, it is the set up mechanism which has changed the life of humanity from one economic system to money economy system where in the center we have money. Furthermore, the money has changed our life in terms of social responsibility, perception of reality, social relationship, etc. It is the money has brought us to the stage of high level of communication which humanity has never experienced before. Reviewing supply and demand of money, income and expenditure part, we shall be looking how our ideas are forming and how everyday decision making process is going since it is all money related. Then, it shall be addressed how money is establishing working models of society, business system which is community working model aiming to receive more money.

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