Barnes and Noble to exit the UK Digital Market (night-night, Nook)

In a recent post we talked about the future of ebooks. I compared the market with a Gartner model called the Hype Cycle and noted that the ebook market has reached a point where we should expect to see experiments and implementations fail to deliver...

At the moment Barnes and Noble seem to be the ones with a business model that is failing.

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Marketing Your Blog

More and more these days, everyone is expected to have their own presence on the internet – social media, websites, blogs. Authors are no exception – people want to connect with their favourite writers and now they expect a website to go along with it. This can be a great marketing tool for you: you can write articles about your work or things that matter to you, post all of your books so they are easily found by fans, and advertise your publicity campaigns.

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Designing Books of the Future: Visual Editions

In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about the future of ebooks and noted that “sound business propositions will continue to grow, and well written, well edited and presented ebooks will continue to sell well”... In this post I wanted to highlight a London, UK-based book publisher who are looking to the future, producing premium physical books, but also creating innovating in the ebook space.

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Recovering the Classics

All too often, classic literature is left with cover artwork that doesn’t reflect anything but “Classic Literature” – a small title on a solid background or pattern, perhaps an old painting. The lucky few recently turned into films may have stills of the main characters. But most covers don’t try to lure in potential buyers. Why bother?

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A monsterous layout and typesetting project – Frankenfont!

When it comes to the layout and typesetting of your book, it is important to get the right font for the style of book, the mood you are trying to create and the medium you are publishing in.

But this isn’t a blog post about choosing the right typeface for your book – it’s to draw your attention to a beautiful project called Frankenfont.

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