1986-2016 How have book covers changed?

Ah, 1986. What a year. Bobby Ewing came out of the shower, Top Cruise felt the need for speed as Top Gun and Aerosmith teamed formed an unlikey partnership with Run DMC to teach us how to walk this way.

But what did we have on our bookshelves? I've taken a peek at the Publishers Weekly best sellers for 1986 and seen how the book cover designs have changed 30 years on. Time has been kind to these aging heavyweights - the brutal 1980s designs have softened over the years. The use of full page photography has increased and the Black/Red color scheme appears (quite rightly) to have relegated to the last century.

Take a browse through the collection below and let me know whether you think designs have improved over the years, or whether an 80s revival is overdue.