Henry, the Owl Who Says Why

Henry, the Owl Who Says Why?

Jeff Tully and Wrigley Rose Tully


A world without questions is a world without possibilities

“Henry, the Owl Who Says, Why?” was written by father/daughter team, Jeff Tully and his six-year-old ‘Question Machine”, Wrigley.

This bedtime book combines cheeky humor, hip hop style rhyme schemes, and learning about animals – wrapped up in a heartwarming story. Henry is the only owl who says, "Why?" In fact, he says it so much that it gets him into a little bit of trouble. In the end though, it gets him out of trouble too.

Henry is the embodiment of every child 3-7 years old who never stops asking questions. In the process, Henry learns about all the wildlife around him. If your little one loves "Wild Kratts" and other animal discovery shows, they'll love hearing Henry learn "Why" all the forest creatures do what they do. Take your child on a trip through the forest that asks questions like “Why do porcupines have quills and why do hummingbirds hum?” Eventually, Henry even finds out the hard way why the fox is described as "sly." Don't worry, he out-foxes the fox in the nick of time.

This was written to be a bedtime story, it has laughs and some thrills and a few characters for Dad to practice his acting. It's a journey that has humor and goes out on a heartwarming note. Little eyelids will be drooping by the end - until the next night when your little “Question Machine” will be asking to read it all over again.

A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to the foundation “Actors and Others for Animals”, a California non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of the humane treatment of animals.

Read an excerpt here!

Henry, the Owl Who Says Why? is available in paperback.



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