Featured Author: David Osgathorp

David has used Cover&Layout to produce the interior layout for his book, The Trusted Trainer.

David Osgathorp founded his company, All About You, in 2006 with a credit card and a real belief in his own ability. Within a few years he had grown it to a multiple six-figure business and had numerous offers of investment in his brand. Over the last ten years, he has remained at the forefront of the health and fitness industry and has had the opportunity to work personally with numerous celebrities, professional athletes and successful entrepreneurs.

David’s own entrepreneurial career has included starting, building, financing, partnering and selling businesses. He is now an award-winning business owner and regarded as a leader in the health and fitness industry.

He currently spends his time working with his award-winning team, writing for his own in-house publications and for numerous industry and consumer publications. He still coaches a number of celebrity clients and also works each week in his dream role as health and wellbeing consultant to Red Bull Racing Formula One Team.

Away from work he plays the guitar and is also currently pursuing another lifelong ambition of gaining his private pilot’s licence.

Find out more about David and his work at www.davidosgathorp.com.

The Trusted Trainer is available in paperback and at www.davidosgathorp.com.