Featured Cover: Paper Treasure

Paper Treasure by Anne Stephenson Available in paperback, Kindle and Kobo.

Paper Treasure by Anne Stephenson
Available in paperback, Kindle and Kobo.

Spending the summer months in Colville with his little brother trailing around behind him, is not exactly Charlie Bradford’s idea of a good time… but when someone steals his late grandfather’s shares in The Treasure Creek Gold Mine and then tries to trick the other owners into selling theirs, Charlie is hopping mad…

His grandfather believed in that mine!

Joining forces with new friend Lisa Kirby, Charlie tracks down his grandfather’s old partners only to find a thief who will stop at nothing to get his hands on The Treasure Creek Gold Mine!

Paper Treasure is available in paperback, Kindle and Kobo.

For this cover, Anne wanted a newspaper-style page, mainly black-and-white with a few color highlights. We chose the fonts to match old-style newspaper headlines, similar to the New York Times.

We began with creating a newspaper layout, using three excerpts from the book itself - the first chapter as the main story; the second story is an excerpt from the main character's discovery of the mystery; the third story is the first clue discovered by the main character. All three excerpts were chosen to pique a reader's curiosity.

As a picture interest, we have placed a picture of the main character "Charlie Bradford" to give readers a face. The magnifying glass is used by the author as part of her branding and ties Paper Treasure into her collection of work.